The initial OsciPrime hardware PCB board was designed on two layers. The current version uses four PCB layers. Initially it connected to a Beagleboard via USB and was accessed via libusb. Today, the software has been adjusted to implement the new Android USB Host API. This way the Android platform is interchangeable as long as it supports the API (Android 3.1+ and OEM implementation).

Hardware Overview:


Software Overview:

Prototype Hardware Platform

By using the Android USB Host API it is possible to use the OsciPrime without the need of rooting the Android device. The board has been tested with the Acer A500 and the Galaxy Nexus as well as the Asus Nexus 7 (using an OTG converter). Note that if your device uses an OTG converter and has no possibility of being supplied with power externally, then the OsciPrime hardware will drain the device's battery.

To run the software, you can either download it from the source section (the binary apk is available there as well) or directly get the application from Google Play Store. The software is free and licensed under GPL.

Our technical report is a perfect starting point to get to understand the source code and hardware of the project. More information about recent changes and news can be found on our technical blog "Using Android in Industrial Automation". For instructions how to flash & program the FX2 microcontroller and the CPLD head over to the source area.